Murder on Pea Pike


Honey Ingersoll lands in Eureka Falls, Arkansas after a rough-ride relationship with her biker boyfriend. Ready to reestablish her life, she lands a job with a handsome local realtor by the name of Sam Ridley. She is eager to make her mark in the real estate industry and books a showing with a potential buyer to sell a dilapidated old farmhouse. However, this showing and subsequent sale opens up a whole new can of worms.

With a heroine with a name like Honey, how can one not be drawn in by her antics? Bodies seem to be showing up everywhere and Miss Ingersoll always seems to be at the right place at the wrong time.  The old farmhouse sells for cash even after a body was found in it, which makes Honey wonder why it was of such value to the buyer. Her mind goes into detective mode and she delves into investigating the buyer and his connections.  

Filled with suspects and motives, Honey Ingersoll takes the reader on a humorous hunt for clues, complete with a couple of potential love interests. The tale is laced with conspiracy and greed, and splashed with the right amount of romance. The way the police and authorities handle Honey as a "person of interest" in the murders is  a bit unrealistic, but overall, lovers of a good whodunit will enjoy visiting Pea Pike!

Layne Lancaster