Murder is Our Mascot (Schooled in Murder Volume 1)

Tracy D.

Emily Taylor is prepping for her class late one night.  Upon arriving at the copy room, she trips inside the door to find Coach Layton laid out and appearing to be the victim of a murder. All the staff and student body are in shock as Coach Layton was very well liked at Ellington High School. One particular student of Emily’s, Stevie, is very affected.   He has moved around a lot and bonded with Coach Layton. Football was the constant love in his life.


As if that wasn't enough, Emily's next door neighbor, Helen, a counselor at the school, has gone missing.  All the mysterious occurrences happening in the small Missouri town, send Emily and her best friend Gabby into “Nancy Drew” mode to solve the murder of coach Layton and to find Helen. Tad, Emily’s long time crush, discourages their hunt, but is always there when they need back up. Emily is facing either some very bad luck or some ticked off enemies; the roadblocks are mounting against them.


Ms. Comstock has deftly written “Murder is Our Mascot”. There is quick wit and comical banter between the primary characters. The supporting characters are sprinkled in and easy to track. The plot and the tempo are fluid and keep the pace strong throughout the book, although predicable, and a quick easy read, it is entertaining. This is a stand alone, the mystery is solved and the romance is waiting in the wings, with hopes of more in the next installment.


Viola Robins