Murder Gone Missing (Corrie Locke #2)


Corrie’s father died a year ago and she is now following in his footsteps as a private investigator. When a friend's boss is murdered she tries to help, but quickly learns that her friend is implicated in the homicide. When the body disappears, they are both shocked and befuddled.  Corrie cannot let this go and is not willing to simply give up on her friend. Rapidly amassing several suspects, she places herself in almost grave peril with no clear direction of how to investigate further, until a simple, overlooked detail comes under scrutiny and the killer stumbles into confessing. 

A one-of-a-kind murder mystery exposes the confusion of figuring out oneself and career goals while being loyal to a loved one to maintain a juicy crime investigation. The story and people fall deeply in the realm of believability with a couple minor exceptions, such as when the friend finds the scene and simply leaves to find the heroine. The location is very clear and the timing is beautifully subtle but makes it known just when events are taking place. It is hard to truly connect to those in the story and for that reason it is difficult to obtain more than a mild curiosity to continue reading. A fun, unpredictable mystery making the audience unsure of whom to trust or the possible motivation. 

Yannie Sorensen