Murder By The Cup: A light-hearted, paranormal cozy mystery

Abigail Lynn

PARANORMAL: Always been the outcast of her family, Wynona Le Doux feels like she is finally somewhere she wants to be. Her tea shop is close to opening, and as luck would have it, a body is found inside before the grand opening. The chief of police is sure that Wynona has something to do with it. When she risks losing business, she steps in to solve the crime - and hopefully save her business before it has even opened. As the black sheep of her magical family, she has no powers, will need as much help as she can get in order to make sure her dream remains intact. The freedom she has dreamed of is so close, and she will do anything to make sure that it becomes a reality. Will she figure out who is responsible and get her dream back on track?

Quirky would be the best word to describe this book. Wynona is a relatable character who feels like an outcast, and this will resonate with readers. There are quite a few laugh out loud moments, and Ms. Thornton has absolutely nailed the dialogue and descriptions. There is a cozy quality to this one, making it the perfect book to curl up under the blanket with on a cold winter’s night. Couple that with the light heartedness spread throughout and it’s a great book to take away those post-Christmas blues. This book is pure entertainment, wrapped up in a fun setting with a mystery that fans of the genre will love!

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick