Murder in the Cards, A Tom Logan Mystery


Set in 1930’s Hollywood, Private Investigator Tom Logan ties together a string of murders. While on his second attempt at a honeymoon at the Grand Canyon with his wife, Rita, Logan is brought in to investigate the murder of Norma Daniels, one of Hollywood’s leading ladies. Seemingly putting this all behind him upon his return to Hollywood, he is hired by media mogul, Charles W. Randolph, to investigate the source of some threats against his mistress, actress Alice Rogers. Logan requires the assistance of newfound friends, actor James Rollins and wife Liz to help uncover the source of the letter at a Halloween-themed party attended by Hollywood and media elite, hosted by Randolph. 

Any fan of the mystery genre needs to have Tony Piazza’s Tom Logan series in their to-be-read stack. This installment is a great standalone but more back story will entice readers to go back and see where this journey starts. Piazza’s writing style transports the reader into a different era, and delightfully so. With the vivid detail with which he paints the settings, and the dialect of the characters, readers are truly in for a whodunit from days past. With a Sherlock Holmes vibe, “Murder in the Cards” makes the reader feel like they are entering a real-life game of Clue. With twists and turns and the flawless tying together of plotlines, this is a stay up all night because it’s impossible to put down, adventure!

Alison Ellis