Mud Bog Murder

Lesley A.

COZY:  Eve Appel and her friend Madeleine are just about ready to get their new permanent location ready for business in Sabal Bay, Florida, when an annual mud bog race on a local property sets environmentalists and monster truck fans against one another, and the property owner Jenny McCleary is found dead. Now all the activists are suspects, and Eve’s friend, Grandfather Egret, is the accused.  With her hands full trying to balance her business, two men, and the mystery, Eve just can’t help but investigate. She's going to have to move fast to help the victim’s daughter uncover the murderer without getting killed herself.


An intriguing addition to the Eve Appel mystery series, “Mud Bog Murder” begins with a dismembered head at a monster truck rally and continues on to end with a bang! With nosy consignment shop owner Eve and her crazy and quirky crew of friends to fill out the story, readers will have little trouble getting hooked on this cozy mystery despite Eve’s personal flaws, which portray her as somewhat immature and hard to take seriously as an investigator. Still, with the drama between Eve and her would-be boyfriends, her friends, and the mystery that will keep the reader guessing, the plot has plenty to recommend it. The conflict is tastefully well written and the characters all have enough depth to not only move the story but make the reader want to know what will happen next.


Sarah E. Bradley