Maverick Touch: The Cat

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Nadia Maverick is a crime reporter, and she and her partner Gabe are hot on the trail of a suspicious pet shop and a reported hit man named Carlisle, or Mr. A.  A rookie reporter named Matt tags along with Nadia to her shift on the stakeout, and as they look on in horror, they see what appears to be the murder of a pet store employee.   All hell breaks loose when they are spotted spying and Nadia and Matt are separated in the confusion.  By the time Nadia gets home there are police cars at her house and a dead rookie reporter inside. Nadia writes a column in the paper calling out Mr. A. for his suspected part in Matt’s murder. When Carlisle contacts Nadia using an encrypted message, an intriguing correspondence begins between them.

Ashley Nemer writes a story rich in detail and characters, taking the reader right into Nadia's life.  While learning about Nadia's family and coworkers in detail makes her character more dynamic and well-rounded, it also slows the story down a little too much.  Some readers will find the coincidental discovery of unlawful behaviour at the pet shop at little unbelievable, while others will appreciate how simple events can be life-changing. In any event, once the story gets rolling the reader will be drawn into the mystery and especially by the sparring between Nadia and Mr. A.  A quick, page-turning read!

Rose Mary Espinoza