Legend of Dragamere


Bloodlines, dragons and castles... Oh my! Chelsea and Damien  are about to embark on a journey that entails darkness, legacies and time travel. Before they met each other, each had the feeling that they were somehow different from those around them. It turns out there was very good reason for this... they WERE different. They each had dragon blood coursing through their veins, a legacy of a thousand years before. This leads them to a destiny greater than they could ever have imagined...
Oh my goodness! The setting is the best part about this book. All of the elements used to give the reader the eerie feeling of ancient mysteries to be uncovered and evils to be defeated has come to naught in this book. Gretchen Steen has tried to write a story  that encompasses all that is wonderful in a fantasy.  Unfortunately, it did not deliver. The characters are one dimensional and poorly drawn. The repeated use of the basic phrase in the dialogue of, " he stated" or " she stated" with few variances added a cardboard effect to the already stiff characters. There isn't really a definite plot curve to the story; just  "plot waves" that  go on and on. The story is also bogged down with the use of irrelevant details in such mundane things as making plane reservations, sending telegrams and discussing fares with taxi drivers.  These are just NOT INTERESTING! This is especially true when the characters are on a journey to their destiny!
Beth Chamberlain