Killer Tied (Eve Appel Mystery Book 6)

Lesley A.


Eve Appel Egret is a busy woman. Between adjusting to life with her new husband and three adopted sons, she is busy running a clothing consignment company. In her free time, she is learning the ropes as a private detective. Everything is going well until a mystery woman shows up at her door claiming to be her sister. Since Eve’s mother died long before her new ‘sister’ was born, Eve is understandably skeptical. Murder and mayhem ensue, and Eve must put her newly minted sleuthing skills into high gear to unravel a Gordian knot of secrets and intrigue.

Ms. Diehl has written a smart and entertaining mystery that engages the reader from the first page to the last. Eve takes the reader on an adventure full of suspense and surprises with a bold sassy flair that leaves one wanting more. The author’s prose is well written and as witty as its main character. A well-constructed story arc does a great job of drawing the reader into the mystery. At times, this strength also becomes “Killer Tied’s” weakness, as the twists and turns become so complex, the reader needs a score card to follow the story. This does not detract overall from the enjoyment of the novel. The well-developed characters, good pacing and an intelligent story-line all work together to overcome this weakness. Mystery fans should include “Killer Tied” on their ‘must read’ list!

Gwenellen Tarbet