The Killer Enigma: Magnolia Bluff Crime Chronicles Book 16

Breakfield and Burkey

JJ and Jo want nothing more than to be left alone and have something that resembles privacy, but being well known, there is little chance of that. They decide to go back to Magnolia Bluff in the hopes that being in the small town will give them the respite they crave. Unfortunately, the plan for a quiet life doesn’t quite pan out when they find themselves embroiled in a situation that could see one or both of them killed. As they try to make sense of what’s going on while attempting to make a home for themselves, JJ and Jo will learn that the small town life isn’t always as quiet and peaceful as it’s made out to be.

“The Killer Enigma” is the newest addition to a huge series of books, and it is an interesting read. There is a definite whodunit feel with a cool cast of characters that readers will find fascinating and well developed. Granted, there are some areas where the plot slows down, but it soon picks up again. There is a lot of good description that fans of suspense will enjoy, and it will make readers feel as though they are standing in Magnolia Bluff going through everything the characters are. If this is the first book in the series being read, there will be a definite want to go back and check out the other books by these authors and to delve into the world and characters they have created. This tale is definitely one to add to the e-reader this fall!

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick