A Killer in the Crystal Palace


HISTORICAL: London, 1851, the Great Exhibition celebrates the arts, industry, and modern technology of the times. Miss Kara Levett, an expert in creating elaborate automaton mechanicals, gets admission with Mr. Niell Kier's help. Niell forges intricate iron scrollwork into exquisite artistic screens and gates. An unexpected connection of artistic respect sparks between the Baron’s daughter and the Scottish artist. Inside the Crystal Palace, after the event opens, they cross paths and appreciate the comments of the crowds for their respective contributions. A one-armed man is murdered with a part from one of Kara’s automatons. Other jealous exhibitors and a peerage committee member conclude that Kara is responsible.

This fast-paced mystery set in the Victorian period, intertwines two self-sufficient and gifted intellectuals on a quest to find a murderer. Kara is portrayed as a strong female character, keenly interested in developing her engineering marvels, yet with a sensitive side. Niell wants to share his artistic talent and earn enough to continue with his dreams. These relatable people possess past lives and hidden secrets that get revealed, like finding one's way through a complex labyrinth—hopefully unscathed. Their character strengths are highlighted as this intricate mystery's unexpected dead end clues and lies unfold. Each clue pursued opens new investigation threads and options, keeping readers riveted to the pages. Fans of historical mysteries will be intrigued by the growing friendship of Kara and Niell, and with the unexpected ending of the outstanding first book in the Kier and Levett Mystery Series. Readers will plead for more adventures featuring this creative matched pair.

By Simone Dober