It’s Just a Little Crush (A Lizzie Hart Mystery)


Lizzie Hart loves being the copy editor for the Liberty Chronicle - the only problem is that nothing exciting ever happens there!  She has a mad crush on hot-shot reporter Blake Morgan and can hardly think when he enters the room. Lizzie’s life is pretty boring except for poking fun at her coworkers with her friends and daydreaming about Blake.

When a young woman is found strangled in Liberty it sends the entire town into a tizzy, not the least of whom are the staff at the Chronicle.  Finally, a big story!  When the paper starts reporting on the murder, Lizzie finds playing detective much more satisfying than copy-editing, and the race is on to be the first to find the killer.  


More than just a whodunnit, readers of this engaging mystery are treated to a delightful mix of humor, romance and murder.  There isn't much new ground tread here, but in Lizzie Hart author Caroline Fardig has created a heroine almost anyone could identify with, and Blake Morgan is the requisite handsome hero.  Grab your popcorn and settle in for an entertaining few hours with the first installment in a promising new series!


Rose Mary Espinoza