Hush, My Darling (Benoit and Dayne Mystery Book 2)


In office only a year, Sheriff Elizabeth "Ellie" Benoit has plenty on her plate with the mighty Mississippi overflowing its banks and flooding her Iowa county. When Deputy Lila Dayne discovers a dead body dumped in a field, matters get worse. For Lila, the discovery sends her into a tailspin that brings ugly memories to the surface. The only survivor of a vicious serial killer, she is certain he's coming back to finish the job. The arrival of her ex-lover to investigate adds to the tension, as she closes off from those around her - including the latest man in her life. Ellie trusts in her team, but with Lila keeping secrets from her and the crooked ex-sheriff offering to help, she must tread cautiously.  None of it matters when Lila disappears. It's a race against time as the sheriff’s department seeks to catch a killer while Lila desperately fights to stay alive!

Suspense, thrills, and chills will keep readers glued to this page-turning sequel in the Benoit and Dayne Mystery series! "Hush, My Darling" offers up a cast of strong, intelligent women who refuse to back down - even when the odds are against them. There's a "Rizzoli and Isles" flavor to this series that will appeal to many, but also created some predictability in the plot and characters. Nonetheless, the emotional conflict and suspense build pressure at all the right moments, and readers will feel the nail-biting tension as the clock ticks down as Lila’s life hangs in the balance. "Hush, My Darling" grips the reader from the start and never lets go in this emotionally-charged, heart-stopping suspense thriller!

Tricia Hill