Gluten-Free Murder (Auntie Clem’s Bakery Book 1)


Erin Price has just moved to Eagle Falls to claim her inheritance – a house and her Aunt Clementine’s tearoom. Despite the townspeople’s warnings, Erin reopens the shop as a second bakery in town catering to those with food allergies such as those sensitive to gluten, eggs, or dairy. Everyone seems to be loyal to Angela Plaint, who owns the other bakery in town. On opening day, gluten-intolerant Angela makes an appearance and makes a purchase. She then goes downstairs to the commode and nobody hears from her again. Erin goes down to check on her and finds her competition dead. Officer Terry Piper naturally suspects Erin is the murderer. How can she convince him otherwise?

“Gluten-Free Murder” is a cleverly written whodunit with an even more ingenious solution. P.D. Workman aptly captures the ambiance of a small town right down to the gossips who spread the most absurd rumors. Unfortunately, the characters, including the mains, are under developed and superficial. There was little conflict for Erin or Officer Piper throughout the novel and little emotion displayed by anyone. It is as though everyone is wearing a mask throughout the story. The threats from the church ladies are hardly enough to be taken seriously. A romance between Erin and Terry is hinted, but never comes to any kind of fruition. A sweet book with likeable characters, it will be interesting to see what the next two books hold in store. 

Belinda Wilson