French Vanilla & Felonies: A Funny Romantic Mystery (Cambria Clyne Mysteries Book 1)


When Cambria Clyne—klutzy, twenty-something single mom who’s desperate but unqualified—takes a job as an apartment manager at an LA complex, she thinks her life is finally about to turn around for the good. She’s right. Until she finds a dead body in the apartment dumpster, and a crime spree races through the complex. Desperate to keep her home and all its perks, she goes on out on a limb to find the culprits. She’s seen enough TV crime shows to know how to catch a killer. This ought to be as easy as eating a bowl of French vanilla ice cream.

Strap in for a raucous ride with Cambria Clyne, amateur detective! All she wanted was a job with an income and a safe place to raise her daughter. What she got was much more. A dead body, suspicious neighbors, even more suspicious visitors, a streaker, and a sexy maintenance man who can’t manage to accomplish the simplest repair. The story does feel a little rushed at the end, but it remains a steady interest-builder from the beginning.  The only mistake that jumps out was one of the character’s eye color changed within a few chapters, otherwise it’s a clean, error-free, first-person story. Cambria’s chronic overreacting to each new situation provides non-stop laughter as the reader stumbles through the mystery along with Cambria!

Emerson Matthews