Framed (Jax Diamond Mysteries, Book 2)


Jax, a private investigator, his furry companion Ace, and Jax’s girl, Laura, set off  to find the real killer and help  Jax’s old partner and best friend, Tim Murphy, who’s been framed for the murder. As Jax, Ace, and Laura sort through the clues to get to the bottom of who killed, Jax’s longtime friend turned enemy’s girlfriend, Evie Becker,  Laura and Ace must go undercover, and Jax must hide within the shadows of the city. As they uncover clues and rely on those they normally wouldn't, Jax and Laura (with Ace’s help) are able to put the puzzle together and uncover who the real killer is! 

Gail Meath has written an Agatha Christie-esque story with many twists and turns! Readers may be shocked to find out who the real killer is! For those who enjoy a plot that slowly unravels, this is definite whodunnit tale for you. “Framed” is the second in the Jax Diamond series. Some readers may have a hard time understanding and tracking the dialogue if the first book was not read, though not enough to have readers putting the book down until after they turn the last page. There are references to the 1920’s throughout the book, which readers may find interesting, and there’s just enough history to keep one wanting more. At the end of the book, the author shares historical facts that make the time period come to life, and truly enriches the story. Gail Meath has written a tale with loveable characters, a surprising ending, and a love story for the ages.

Heather Kroll