Framed and Frosted (Cupcake Catering Mystery Series Book 3)


New mother Carrie is trying to revive her catering business. Twin sister Emory is her cupcake caterer. Their latest contract has earmarks for being a well-spring for them in both money and new contracts with wealthy clients. Too bad Emory is met by an NFL linebacker with a gun when she comes to the door of the Jorgensen’s. They are extremely rude to her and act like she is there to steal the family silver! The day of the gala, July fourth, Mr. Jorgensen is heavily imbibing and accuses one of the servers of killing his long-dead son. He insists on Sal being removed from the premises. Later, Sal is serving the cupcake desserts and serves one to Mr. Jorgensen. Mr. Jorgensen takes the tray of cupcakes and hits Sal with it, then drops dead at Sal’s feet. When the police arrive, Sal is arrested. How can Emory help to prove his innocence?

“Framed and Frosted” is a fun-filled novel filled with murder, blackmail, manslaughter, theft, and total chaos that will have one flipping through the pages like mad to find out what happens next! Emory is the main player and the reader truly gets to know her as she tells the story. There are many secondary characters in this novel who are necessary, but tend to be one dimensional. A cliffhanger greets us at the end of the story, leaving us with several unanswered questions. Plot twists abound in this quirky story. Just as one thinks they’ve solved the puzzle, another piece is thrown into the mix that does not fit. Nevertheless, an entertaining cozy mystery that should be read while eating a cupcake!

Belinda Wilson