Five Dog Voodoo (A Mae December Mystery: Book 5)


Zoe Canja, a beautiful Creole waitress working in a local bar, overhears some disturbing information about the voodoo-based village she calls home. Clearly upset, she leaves work early, never to be seen alive again. When her body is found in the village, Sheriff Ben Bradley begins his investigation, although he is somewhat preoccupied with the looming election that will decide his future in law enforcement. His fiancée, local dog breeder Mae December, takes in the dead woman’s female dog and pups, hoping to find them all good homes, all while doing a little snooping on her own. With help from the local attorney, a detective, and an investigator, will they be able to solve not one, but two murders?  


There’s a lot going on in this entertaining and adventure-filled fifth book of the Mae December Mystery series. It involves threats, two murders, one officer attempting to repair past transgressions and cover-ups, and as usual with this series, no shortage of dogs. The situations feel real, like something pulled out of today’s headlines, and happening to normal, everyday people. The Voodoo Village was a nice touch and ups the originality of the storyline. As indicated by the title, the story always seems to hover closely around the four-legged friends and their well being. The solutions to the mysteries were just a tad anti-climactic, but the story was clean, the dialogue nice and tight, with an ending that leaves one as satisfied and happy as a recently fed puppy!    


Clarice Silvers