Fire & Ice (A Mauzzy and Me Mystery, #2)


YOUNG ADULT: Sara Donovan is working as an intern at the Carlton Museum when her great observation skills, intuition, and a good measure of pertinacity throw her into the middle of a well-orchestrated crime within the museum. Her pet and faithful companion, Mauzzy, is the only one who has knowledge of the mishap. With Mauzzy being unable to give an account of what really happened, Sara has to inform the management that a major heist occurred in the museum and the culprits made away with a major treasure. The chief of security and her boss think she’s totally lost it. Who believes an intern anyway?  With nothing but herself, a mysterious well-wisher, and her immediate family, she is determined to prove what everyone else didn’t believe.

Nothing beats the ability to enjoy a book than a well sculpted plot that keeps the reader craving for the next chapter to burst open for him/her to indulge in all there is in it. How a lead to a robbery sends the reader into an adventurous treasure hunt is delicious fodder to the reader’s imagination. Any reader who has not read the first installment of this beautiful series would be left wondering who the mysterious woman is, however. Also, the flawlessness of the lead character, especially about her cues and what she makes out of them pulls a file off the ‘thoroughly-enjoyable’ shelf of the reader’s mind. The depth and width of the plot, the great combination of timelines, and codes to crack, however, send “Fire & Ice” straight to the mystery enthusiasts’ territory.

JM Lareen