Fire Fight (Line of Fire series)


Marcus and Tande are explosive whenever they breathe the same air. Somewhere, TX isn’t a vague description, but where they both grew up. Marcus became a deputy. Tande wanted more and left her roots behind. Hired by a hometown friend turned singing sensation to create a wedding for his betrothed, Tande is lured back. When an overzealous fan aims their hate at Tande, she asks the law to step in, but it means getting dangerously close to her weakest link—Marcus. 

A wedding, a psycho, shredded dresses, and a whole lot of wedding plans draw a reader into a cast of characters with an entwined past. Without knowledge of the previous book it feels as if something is missing. Tande marches around in stilettos, has constant headaches and hissy fits. She’s angry at Marcus for choosing his sick mother over her. Marcus is a steady influence on the needy woman who professes not to need him. Readers who enjoy every nuance about wedding planning will love the many pages dedicated to the subject. There’s a golden opportunity to dig into the mind of the antagonist, but this isn’t explored. Coiling tension at the “black moment” of a story is an art unto itself. Readers may get impatient with the extensive description of body movements more than revealing the pivotal reasons they love each other.

Not many will guess who the psycho really is until it’s divulged, and it’s brilliant. There is no doubt Ms. Syme is a writer with a love for suspense. Standby, there’s more to come in the “Line of Fire series”. 

Sloane Austen