Engaged in Danger (Jamie Quinn #4)


COZY:  Jamie has the world by the tail. She has a wonderful boyfriend, Kip, her own one- woman law firm, and great neighbors. She couldn’t ask for much more to make her life perfect. Unfortunately, Kip has made the announcement that he is moving to Australia for three months to save the endangered Northern Hairy-Nosed Wombat, and Jamie feels like the bottom has dropped out of her world. As soon as Kip leaves, she gets incredibly busy taking on a favor to her neighbors, trying to find out the owners of the plane that crashed and killed their sister and brother-in-law. Then she is asked to help Nan get a divorce from her husband who suspects that Russian assassins are after him. Mixed in with this is an attempt on her life!


This is a fascinating novel with an intricate plotline. The characters are well thought out and convincing. Jamie and Ginger are both as emotional as typical women would be, given the circumstances. What mars the story is the lack of editing throughout the tale. There are extra words floating around, as well as missing words in sentences, which interfere with the flow of the novel. This latest installment in the Jamie Quinn mystery series is an exciting read filled with convoluted plot twists that make it a real page turner. Readers will be on the edge of their seats through Jamie's latest adventure, for it is filled with intrigue and interconnecting mysteries, which make for some stimulating entertainment!


Belinda Wilson