The Druid's Cup


A woman has been found with no memory of anything before she received her injuries — at the same time, a man is murdered, and a treasure lost. Can hypnosis draw out the answers, or will the murderer silence her first? Esther cannot remember anything about herself. Put in a home under the care of a gruff and suspicious man, she does not know whom to trust. Visits to the medieval past send her searching for a treasure and in the process, draw out those hunting her. Can she recover her memories and find the treasure, or will the evil she senses in her past find her first?

A contemporary mystery with historical scenes woven in, “The Druid’s Cup” is one of the most engrossing (and confusing) mysteries out there. Told through several perspectives, the reader is as lost as Esther is in determining who is good and who is bad. In addition, the timing is hard to pin down, making time skips more confusing. Still, as the story continues the steady pace and tension make it hard to stop reading. The plot itself is unique, and the mystery around Esther, those hunting her, the treasure, and the murdered man all culminate in a satisfying end.

Sarah E Bradley