Disappeared and Found


Dorothy never suspected anything unusual in her family until a blood test taken during a college course reveals she couldn’t possibly be the natural daughter of the parents who raised her. Driven to find her birth family, she applies for a spot on a television program that tracks down and reunites adopted children with their birth families. However, when the television crew matches her DNA to that of mysterious nineteen-year-old cold case being investigated by another television show, her simple search turns into something far more nefarious. Was she adopted or kidnapped? And what happened to her birth mother all those years ago? With the aid of her brother, Scott, the siblings set off to find the truth — but will it unite them, or divide their families forever?

A strikingly suspenseful tale of hidden truths, “Disappeared and Found” takes a simple quest and gives it so many twists and turns readers will be on pins and needles until the end! Dorothy and Scott are intricate characters: one lost and one angry, each with different motives to find the truth and vastly different upbringings that color their quest. The mystery is complex and the quick pacing keeps the reader engaged as each clue takes the siblings back and forth in their search. While there is minor romance, the emotions in this tale are mostly negative as the siblings’ struggle with hidden truths in their family adding tension that will have the reader on edge the more they read. As a result, readers will find themselves torn over wanting to know the truth and wondering whether it is best left hidden. 

Sarah E Bradley