Delayed Death (Temptation in Florence #1)


When Carlina and her cousin Emma find their grandpa’s dead body in the kitchen on the day of Emma’s wedding, they have one heck of a conundrum on their hands.  If you're a Mantoni, the solution is to put Grandpa to bed and pretend nothing has happened!  After all, they reason, why ruin the wedding for the whole family?  Their plans go awry when grandpa's brother calls the police.  Nico would NEVER go to bed with his socks on, he insists, so he must have been murdered.  With Emma away on her honeymoon, suspicion falls squarely on Carlina.


It's up to Inspector Stefano Garini to get to the bottom of this mystery and while he does it, see if he can get closer to Carlina.  That is, if he can survive his investigation of her downright eccentric family!


Beate Boeker takes a very odd but close family and infuses light-hearted humor and love into their story. Even though Grandpa dies at the beginning of the book his stories about all the family members continue to haunt everyone and bring insight into everyone’s lives. One is delightfully drawn into the lives of this family, especially Carlina, who not only lives in the same building with everyone else, but is also a suspect in the murder. The characters are a bit too crazy to be completely believable but truly love each other.  Readers will be able to laugh and relate to this large, loving, wacky family, and look forward to the next installment in the series!


Rose Mary Espinoza