Death at the Midnight Dragonfly


With the return of an old crush and his mysterious new sleep study, Lily Gayle’s hands are already full. When a neighbor winds up dead on the front porch of the Midnight Dragonfly Inn, however, Lily Gayle takes it upon herself to solve his murder. Things get even more complicated, however, when a pair of boxing gloves shows up at the scene of the crime. Now, with one of her friends potentially being charged for murder, Lily Gayle, along with her cousin, the local sheriff, and her best friend Dixie, must work to find the real killer, all while maybe trying to rekindle an old spark she once thought would never start a fire.  

Lily Gayle’s spunky can-do attitude makes “Death at the Midnight Dragonfly” a quick and fun read that will make one smile from beginning to end. However, the book does have its problems with incorrectly formatted dialogue and grammar mistakes galore. Moreover, the ending of the book feels rushed, leaving readers with more questions than answers. One is how exactly the real killer committed the murder; another is the weird connections between the sleep study and the people in town. There also does not seem to be much motive for the murder, leaving readers wondering why the killer committed the crime. Lastly, the book ends without any real resolution. The ending builds toward a big revelation and then just finishes in a somewhat anticlimactic ending. On the other hand, the book has a charm all its own, and readers will truly enjoy following Lily Gayle along on another adventure. 

Hannah Hurdle