Death in Disguise (Beth Getty Mystery #1)

Karen Neary

There have been four teenagers murdered in as many days.  With one of them being the nanny of a "well known", Detective Shane Dalton has his work cut out for him. He also has his hands full attempting to keep his wife Beth, an Irish model with exceptional intuition, off the case and out of danger. However, she cannot help but try to figure out how her friend’s nanny, the other killings, and all the little pieces fit together, which leads to her own life being put in jeopardy. Everything finally falls into place when the murderer makes their move on Beth. 

An exciting and thrilling murder mystery, "Death in Disguise" is sure to send chills of fear down the spine of the stoutest reader, and often uses the reader’s momentum to steer them to a place where anyone can kill. However, it only starts making sense a quarter of the way in. The first section is a jumbled mess, which will have readers trying to figure out the slew of characters being introduced and why they need to care about them, leaving an overall feeling of discontent and making the book difficult to stick with. Readers who push through are treated to gasp-worthy twists and rich accents that seem to jump from the written word into spoken ones, although one hard thing to overlook is the protagonist acting out of character several times. By the end, this becomes one of those rare books that make a person want to continue to read the next one, the desire to know what other trouble the spunky main character can get into is that strong.

Yannie Sorensen