The Death of Anyone

D. J.

Detroit homicide detective Bonnie Benham is working on the case of a killer and rapist of adolescent girls.  She is no rookie cop, having recently transferred from narcotics to homicide, but is shaken up by the murders and determined to catch the killer, one way or another.  Along with detective Neil Jensen, who shares a common past of battling drugs and alcohol introduced by previous undercover work, they bond quickly and begin to open their hearts. But catching this killer becomes more than just a job when they begin to mix justice with vengeance.

 Bonnie is a tough, honest cop who is portrayed very realistically. She is not afraid to be a woman working in a man's world, yet she shows some heartfelt moments where the reader is given insight to her mind and heart.  Neil’s character is both honest and caring. He helps her break down that wall and gains the reader's esteem. The romance between them is on the lighter side and, although it is in contrast to the dirty criminal world, adds a human element that is pleasing. Some graphic description, foul language and sexual innuendo is present for those who are sensitive to this type of literature. Overall, this is  a fine mystery with a dose of good old-fashioned police work! 


Margaret Faria