A Deadly Truth (A Cady Delafield Mystery #1)


HISTORICAL:  Contrary to the wishes of her family, who don't understand why a female would need a career, Cady Delafield operates a school for women in 1880's Chicago.  One of her students turns up missing, and while trying to discover her whereabouts Cady finds her body instead.  How did her student get to this elegant townhouse, and more importantly, who had murdered her? Cady is driven to find the answers, even if she risks her own safety to do so.  

Doyle Flanagan is shocked to find Cady in his townhouse; even more shocking is the body of Cady's student, Fiona Murphy.  Doyle knows he will be suspected; after all, his wife had committed suicide!  Another of Miss Delafield’s students is murdered in the same precise manner as Fiona, and Doyle knows he has to join forces with Miss Delafield to solve the strange murders and clear his, Cady’s and the school’s names.


Joyce Proell has written characters that are believable and sincere. Cady Delafield’s determination to prove herself in a world that thought little of women’s business worth is a shining light to all women in the work force. Her tenacity in trying to solve the murders is inspiring. The way the author weaves the connections between the murder victims and the two main characters is intriguing and keeps the reader looking for clues throughout the book. Ultimately, a thoroughly enjoyable murder mystery!


Rose Mary Espinoza