Deadly Spirits (A Mac McClellan Mystery Book 4)

E. Michael

PI Mac McClellan stumbles upon a case not of his world. Kate, his fiery-haired girlfriend, has convinced the skeptical Mac to join the Palmetto Paranormal Society—a venture for which he feels little enthusiasm. During their first quest to discover the supernatural, however, fellow ghost hunter and society president Ernest Bagwell takes a fatal tumble down the stairs. After Ernest’s girlfriend plummets to her death at the locale of the society’s next investigation, Mac's suspicions are raised. When a third member of the society is nearly killed in a suspicious hit and run accident, he digs deeper to uncover secrets linking the victims and surviving members of the ghost-hunting group. Even though local law enforcement lends a helpful hand, will they be able to protect Mac from those who seem hell-bent on keeping the mysteries buried along with the dead?


Infusing this murder mystery with slices of the paranormal draws the reader in and adds unique flavor to the story. "Deadly Spirits" is written from Mac's perspective, and some readers may find the sexist description of nearly every female with whom he comes into contact disturbing. For the most part the female characters are presented in a light which places their value as dependent upon their physical appearance. If the reader can overlook such references, the well-written, often humorous meat and bones of the book remain on track (with the exception of a few distracting shifts from past to present tense), sending the reader on a rollercoaster of emotional twists as the story races toward conclusion.


Claudette Melanson