Deadly Peril


Alec Halsey has sworn he would never set foot in Midanich again. Three years before, he barely escaped with his life, with the help of Margrave Leopold. He is reluctantly going back - this time on a rescue mission - because the insane new Margrave has captured his best friend Cosmo and Miss St. Neots, the niece of his godmother. He will  not release them to anyone but Alec. He goes to Midanic to confront the maniac Margrave Ernst and his equally insane sister, the princess Joanne.


This is a macabre piece that has many unimaginable twists and turns. People are not who they claim to be, situations are not as they seem. There is deceit and cunning throughout this ingenious tale. At some points in the tale the pace slows and the reader gets bogged down, but this takes little away from the general story. The characters are bigger than life, even the ones with only minor parts. Ms. Brant is a master at building and delivering suspense to her readers and keeping them involved up to the last page. One can tell she has done her research on the era about which she writes and she draws her readers into the story like none other. This is the third book in a series but it is a fantastic stand-alone novel.


Belinda Wilson