Dead Men Don’t Dust


Allison is teaching school in Philadelphia when she gets an invitation from her Aunt Charmaine and Uncle Leonard to come to their plantation and house sit, while they are traveling in Europe. When she arrives she discovers that everyone believes Lunviere plantation is haunted and that there is buried treasure on the property. The plantation has been overrun by tourists, treasure hunters and, of course, ghosts. Allison meets three of her neighbors, one who wears women’s clothes and raises alligators, another one who wears fatigues and runs around his property with binoculars but doesn’t speak to anyone. Then there is the incredibly handsome Nicholas Morgan!

Nick is living in his cousin’s house while his cousin is on his honeymoon. He is instantly attracted to Allison and her sense of humor. Together they embark on an unforgettable adventure to try and find out who is haunting the plantation and where the treasure is buried.

Although the romance between Nick and Allison become serious a little too quickly, it is such a nice departure from most romances, where everything revolves around the love/hate relationship with  a myriad of misunderstandings propelling it though the story. Ms. Alexander makes this relationship much more believable by allowing it to be easy and natural. The downfall came because there were just too many quirky characters, many of which were not even believable. The reader is also led through so many twists and turns, it was sometimes hard to keep track. Even so, the story had such a nice, light hearted feel that made it an easy and enjoyable read.
Rose Mary Espinoza