Dangerous Memory (A Minnie Chance Mystery Book 2)


Minnie’s brother’s initials are mysteriously found on a young woman’s hand when she appears on a dock thoroughly beaten and without her memory. Martin, the man who found her, brings the young woman to Minnie. Together, they work as a team to uncover her memories. As these memories begin to resurface, it becomes clear the young woman has witnessed something someone didn’t want her to see—and people may be in danger if the unknown villains aren’t stopped. Meanwhile, Minnie’s next-door neighbors are facing their own dangers. As these dangers begin to overlap, Minnie and Martin must scramble to get some answers.

Cynthia Rogan’s “Dangerous Memory” is a thrilling, gripping mystery that leaves readers engaged throughout. Each and every character is unique, encompassing their own unique blend of characteristics. The dialogue between characters is distinct. Whereas the individual characters are well defined, their inner lives and emotional lives come up a little short. Minnie and Martin are written with elements of a budding romance, and when that falls apart, their emotional reactions are very non-descript. This is true across all characters; emotions are described, but they feel more surface level than organic. The pace is a little on the slower side at times, but it never drags. The plot itself is creative and innovative, keeping readers engrossed and interested. Though the book is not the first in the series, readers can follow the plot of this book without confusion. Ms. Rogan’s “Dangerous Memory” is a perfect fit for readers who like a stimulating but laid-back mystery.

Shailyn Rogers