A Collie Rescue

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Former Sergeant Sandi Charleston is no longer the carefree, fun-loving girl she once was. After being wounded by the Taliban her wounds healed, but she was mentally stressed and had to leave the Army. She has become frightened and timid and now lives on the streets. One day she overhears a very scary conversation she cannot ignore.
FBI Special Agent Jenna Janson and her collie Roxy jog together daily and Roxy always stop by the homeless woman. Sandi loves that the collie pays attention to her, as no one else seems to even notice. Sandi relaxes with the dogs' head in her lap and slowly Jenna begins to talk to her. As Sandi becomes comfortable with Jenna she tells her of the terrorist plot she has overheard the three men talking about. Jenna asks Sandi to come to Walter Reed Hospital where they run a collie program that matches up veterans and collies. Here begins the search for the terrorists and an amazing partnership between Sandi and her collie Taz.
Lindsay Downs weaves an interesting and intriguing tale of suspense and mystery! She touches beautifully on the relationship between a broken woman and her dog. Ms. Downs doesn’t fall into the trap of the usual love affair between a man and a woman. Instead she explores a  healing process that is slow and delves into a different type of love, understanding that often the strongest need is to have someone in your life that loves you unconditionally and that will always unquestionably have your back.
Rose Mary Espinoza