Catawba Falls (Red Farlow Mysteries Book 6)


Camp Ridgemont for Boys is having a summer camp reunion, and Red Farlow is attending. He had many years of adventure at the camp and is looking forward to reuniting with all of the friends he made along the way. Upon his arrival, however, he discovers that two camp counselors have been brutally murdered in the woods. There’s a suspect: Troy Unsworthy, a far-right extremist with a history of such crimes. After spending years in prison, Unsworthy has recently been released, so the timing can’t just be a coincidence, can it? Red is determined to find out and will need to trek through endless mountains and forests to find out.

“Catawba Falls” is a rollercoaster of adventure and mystery! Every time the plot seems like it’s been figured out, it takes a new, unexpected turn! From start to finish this ride is exciting! W.F. Ranew does a fantastic job of creating the perfect ambiance for the tale. From the first page, there’s mystery hanging in the air, and it will draw readers in. The characters are all carefully crafted. Red is a true hero! The villains of the story are the kind readers will love to hate. W.F. Ranew’s writing style is quick and to the point, and some readers might not connect with it easily. The overall pacing of the book is fitting for the genre, and “Catawba Falls” hits all of the sweet spots that are expected in a mystery, while also keeping it fresh. Overall, this is a great book for lovers of mysteries!

Chelsea Andersen