The Case of the Questionable Quadruplet (Safe Harbor Medical Mysteries: Book One)


Dr. Eric Darcy finds himself swimming in the middle of mystery and murder after a long-time patient comes to him with a bizarre revelation: her triplets had to be quadruplets as she has just seen a fourth child. Eric is still mourning his wife but he feels a kinship and responsibility to his patient and seeks to find answers for her. Alas, all is not calm and peaceful in the small community of Safe Harbor, and every which way Dr. Darcy turns he lands right in the middle of the next mystery. 


Ms. Diamond is known for writing within the mystery genre and this book keeps the reader on their toes as to who the culprit could possibly be from start to finish. The cast of characters is beautifully developed, from the in-laws to the freakish doctor who has a weird obsession with the lead character. The Abernathy family, who take center stage frequently, is a shining example of what reality can be, without going over the top. 


The premise seemed bizarre at first, but through the plot and the story pathways Ms. Diamond takes the reader on an adventure. Some minor continuity errors and editing mistakes pop up causing brief confusion, but in the overall outcome, do not destroy the story. The twists and turns of this particular mystery pose some interesting questions, all of which are neatly bundled in the end. 


Penelope Anne Bartotto