Buttercream Betrayal (Cupcake Catering Mystery Series Book 5)

Emory Martinez and her half-sister, Vannie, are attending a potluck event that brings together a community of dog lovers whose dogs are about to receive their certificates after undergoing a dog-training course by Shawn Parker. It doesn’t take long for the duo to realize that what should have been a fun day may turn out to be anything else but fun. By the end of the day, Emory, who is a professional cupcake baker, finds herself having to juggle between keeping her business alive and finding the culprit of a heinous crime for which she was the first witness. With her ex-husband having spread rumors of her being a ‘murder-magnet’, she needs more than just her good sleuthing skills to solve the mystery at hand.
The turn of events within the first quarter of “Buttercream Betrayal” sets the pace for an electrifyingly enticing cozy mystery. The inclusion of Emory’s furry friends adds a unique beauty for the reader’s mind to behold, besides being the well-crafted backdrop for the potluck tale. The dark world of dog trade such as puppy milling, money laundering, greed, and all the evils therein shed some light on the necessity of ensuring that dogs are always treated in a humane manner. A great theme. This book cannot be read as a stand-alone, thus all readers who wish to get the full measure of the breadth of the lead characters might have to grab the other books in the series. Readers who are after the clues in any mystery book may not like the many detours in this one, but will definitely root for the furry little ones.
JM Lareen