Brain Matters: An Alie McCull Mystery


Alie McCull’s stepson has been accused of a savage murder and is compelled to clear his name. Due to the corruption in two government agencies her stepson is being used as the scapegoat to cover up their perfidy. As a reporter, there are avenues of information open to Alie, and she has to use all of her wits and connections to stay one step ahead. However, murder is not the only thing that gets uncovered. Assassination, brainwashing, and an age-old conspiracy come to light during Alie’s investigation, giving her more than she bargained for.


This entertaining mystery, which takes place in the late 1950s, is a tale of political corruption, government cover-ups, and brainwashing. With a complex plot that is a hotbed of deceit, the story line gets somewhat convoluted and far-fetched at times, but the cynical attitude of the protagonist helps to keep it seated. The main character is engaging and believable, with a strong will and an underlying integrity that’s refreshing considering all the lies and deceit in the plot. Moving at a fast pace, the story is intriguing and keeps the pages turning rapidly as the truth is revealed. The ending leaves a couple of points unanswered but does not detract from the enjoyment of this political thriller. With vivid descriptions, snarky dialogue, and a mystery that keeps one on the edge of the seat, this novel is sure to please readers of many genres.   


Janna Shay