Boxes for Beds


20TH CENTURY:  After spending time with her grandmother in Pine Hollow, Arkansas as a child, Leslie Richards decides it’s the perfect town to move her daughter and live a quiet peaceful life. That is, after her fiancé Ronald McKutchen, walks away after finding out the truth about her past. However, in the 1960‘s, Pine Hollow doesn’t take kindly to strangers, and has a racially motivated, bigoted Sheriff.  When babies start disappearing, Leslie becomes the Sheriff’s number one suspect - she drives a similar car that was witnessed at the time of the crime, and she’s a Yankee!  Trying to stay out of the way of Sheriff Bates, and dealing with the unfriendly locals, Ronald waltzes back into her life, so she now has to deal with him, and the hurt he caused by walking away. How can the Sheriff possible think she is kidnapping babies? Will Leslie and Ronald be able to forgive one another, and have a future together, if Leslie doesn’t end up in jail?

Ms. Miller does an outstanding job of ratcheting up the intensity, along with one’s emotions in “Boxes for Beds”. One will find oneself emotionally invested in the characters, especially Leslie. She is an extremely strong woman, who fiercely loves her daughter, and one feels that right along with her! Ronald, shows his true colors, and is a wonderful hero. Sheriff Bates is true to form as a “it’s my way, or the highway” type of law enforcement officer. This novel is intense, emotional and riveting, just the way a good mystery should be!


Tonya Smalley