Baked to Death (Cookies & Chance Mysteries Book 2)


Recently divorced Sally Muccio decided to follow her dream of opening a bakery.  Her best friend Josie Sullivan is the head baker and has entered them in a televised baking contest.  However, before they can begin their trip to the competition, Sally’s ex-husband Collin, shows back up in town. Then he shows up dead. Sally’s boyfriend, Mike, becomes the prime suspect in Collin’s murder and Sally can’t stand to not help.  Enlisting her best friend Josie, Sally sets out to prove Mike innocent and unveil the true murderer.  Can she take advice from her famous Fortune Cookies to save her life and Mike’s or will she end up crumbling under the pressure?

This charming whodunit will have readers guessing until the end!  New England holds the heart of this cozy modern-day mystery which has overt references to the previous installment but is clearly an original standalone episode.  Sally Muccio has her hands full with dough and a noisy family but yet maintains her independence.  Readers may question her decision making skills, though, as they tend to land her in hot water.  Mike appears tough as nails, but his offense for Sally finding bail money is slightly contrived and may have readers puzzled about his disappearance. There are a few slight editing issues but they do not detract from the reader’s experience.  This fast-paced, light-hearted mystery is full of interwoven subplots, and results in a quick read.

Jordyn Teel