Her Dangerous Journey Home (No Man is Her Master Book 3)


HISTORICAL: A year ago, Christina Kohl was a simple girl and a wealthy merchant’s daughter. Then pirates destroyed Christina, and uprooted her entire life, so the girl has ceased to exist. To the rest of the world, Christina is Sir Frederick Kohl, her missing brother, whom marauders have cruelly taken from her too. Christina trains daily with her faithful friend and mentor, Kurt Ziesolf, even being knighted by King Edward. Then Christina is ordered to escort Lady Cecily Baldewyne, whom she also secretly loves, to the protection of Westminster Palace. Christina realizes that the deep affection she holds for Cecily must be abandoned because Cecily is betrothed to another. After Christina does so, she is determined to figure out what happened to her father and brother, even though the journey is quite perilous and could cost Christina her life.

This LGBTQ book is a wonderful, seaworthy tale that is undeniably spellbinding! This detailed, action-packed story is chockfull of nail-biting plot twists and adventures galore that will keep readers on the edge of their seats! This is the third book in the No Man is Her Master series, but really reads like a debut novel. Sure, there is a little bit of confusion at times about what is going on, yet it doesn’t really detract from the story. Of course, just to get the background of the main protagonist, Christina, it might help to start out from the beginning. Christina keeps many secrets, including her true nature and, despite her posing as a male, is still easily relatable. Lee Swanson has penned a beautiful, visually stunning novel that will leave readers breathless!

Roslynn Ernst