To Dance with Destiny (Hollystone Mysteries Book 5)


HISTORICAL THRILLER: From the Iron Age, Estrada, along with the warrior-bard, Conall, and girl-fighter, Sorcha, arrive in present day Ireland tasked with saving the world from vampires. Estrada journeys from village to village looking for a way to stop them and must find a way to save the city too. Along the way, Estrada loses hope, support from friends, and even his companions, but still attempts to find a way to fight against them all. Estrada also secretly loves Conall, despite his reluctance, because he lost his ex-Michael to the demons long ago. Estrada wants to show Conall how he really feels, especially when a darker evil and Michael wants to pull them apart without losing himself in the process as well. Estrada then must find a way to stop the monsters from getting to him and Conall before it’s too late.

This LGBTQ saga penned brilliantly by W.L. Hawkin is just a fantastical delight! The riveting tale moves fluidly from one harrowing, heart-stopping adventure to the next! There is some slight confusion in the beginning though, when trying to figure out what is going on. So, it might help to read the previous books in the series just to understand the motivations of everyone and everything that is going on, yet it can also be read alone. The marvelous world-building and amazingly written characters are drawn as beautifully flawed but very relatable. Estrada, the lovelorn, angsty hero who is devoted to the enemy and questionably could be or not be a vampire, yet also loves the soldier minstrel Conall, is pretty identifiable too.  Readers will savor the alluring immersive tale that is well worth reading!

Roslynn Ernst