Counting Fireflies (On Thin Ice Book 1)


NEW ADULT: Oregonian native, Adrian Monterey, runs away from everyone, including himself, by leaving for the wilds of the Canadian wilderness to Moonbreak Falls to help an elderly woman tend her farm. Adrian is escaping his unrequited love for his best friend’s older brother. As Adrian starts to settle, North Beckett, the elderly woman’s grandson, comes back from Calgary University. Adrian, at first, tries to avoid North because he develops an unnatural, yet abhorrent, interest in him. North won’t hear of it, but he will show Adrian how to truly live and love. Adrian can’t curb his undeniable attraction to North and slowly opens his heart to him, even though he tries to resist him. Just as Adrian starts to fall for North, distance and crisis could pull them both apart—unless Adrian is willing to risk all to prove his love for North.

This is an exquisitely written, poignant contemporary love story that truly shines! The breathtaking imagery and lush scenery bring both the simpleness of Oregon and the untamed Canadian tundra to vibrant reality! This book will definitely evoke powerful emotions, and they’re touched on sensitively. Unfortunately, the book does end on a cliff-hanger. Even with the warning, it still manages to be quite jarring, so readers may not be happy with the anti-climactic finale. Adrian, the tender-hearted, soft-spoken hero, seems afraid of everything—including his own feelings, even though North, who one can’t help but love, manages to bring him out of his shell. The strong sexual tension and angst will be easily felt too. Ms. Katmore writes with an honest, straightforward nature that is both refreshing and wonderfully brilliant!

Roslynn Ernst