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MYSTERY:  Baxley Powell is just looking to spend a week with family and friends (and a few pets) camping in the mountains of North Georgia.  However, the police have a different idea of how she should spend her time.  Baxley has particular talents which can help the police solve the murders of several people, and they’re not going to let a little thing like the remote location get in their way.

The cold climate of Antarctica attracts lost souls who are running away from life.  At least, that's what Nora Bradford tells herself when she makes the decision to stay in Amity Bay for the w

Theophilius Pennington, Viscount of Saybrook, is charming and boyishly irresponsible.  Unfortunately, this very irresponsibility has caught up to him as he struggles to find the money

Another Time

TIME TRAVEL:  Dusty Williams and Dee Stevens do not know each other from Adam. However, a chance meeting at a bar and a conversation leads them to spend the night together. It sounds like the usual one-night stand but when Dee brings Dusty to the airport to catch his flight, they are catapulted back to Braddock’s Crossing in the year 1891.

Restless in LA

WOMEN'S FICTION:  Alexandra Hoffman has almost everything: a loving husband, a beautiful house, and three children. Amidst the cacophony of married life she writes an anonymous blog and sends a Facebook friend request to ex-boyfriend Matt Danniels, the man who made her feel complete.