You’re the Cream in My Coffee

Jennifer Lamont

HISTORICAL:  After suffering fainting spells just before her wedding, Marjorie Corrigan travels to Chicago for some tests, only to get the surprise of a lifetime when she spots her deceased first love alive and in a train station! Determined to discover if the man she saw is really a different person or her first love in disguise, Marjorie moves to the city and gets a job at the department store where she works to uncover the truth. Meanwhile with the Jazz Age and Prohibition in full swing, this small-town girl begins to discover just how big the world is, and decides what her beliefs and standards are. Furthermore; is marriage to her fiancé - a handsome doctor - what she really wants or are the temptations of the big city with all its mystery the true cream in her coffee?


A fabulous historical novel set in the late 1920s, “You’re the Cream in My Coffee” is full of drama, romance, an exciting setting with a matching vernacular, and even a bit of mystery as well. Marjorie’s journey of self-discovery moves the story at a smooth pace, and the story will easily suck the reader in from beginning to end. While the romance and true identity of Marjorie’s mystery man are a bit predictable, there are plenty of plot twists, and historical events and conflict to outweigh those minor drawbacks. Further, the side characters really bring this story to life, making this easily a must read for any historical romance fan!


Sarah E. Bradley