Winning the Widow’s Heart (Mended Hearts Book 1)


HISTORICAL: It’s the height of the American Civil War, and Roswell, Georgia, is in the path of Union soldiers. Widow Sofie Bishop struggles to hold on to the ruins of her family home, and accepts a humble job at the town’s woolen mill. The Yankees reach Roswell, burn the mill and most of the town, then they round up the women and children, now branded as traitors, to be transported north to an uncertain future. Union Captain Seth Ramsey is dismayed at how his commanding general treats Confederate women and children. He is drawn to one lady in particular, the widow Sofie, and makes it his business to protect her during the long trip back north… even if she wants nothing to do with him because he is a Yankee.

A marriage of convenience between a Union soldier and a Confederate widow? What an unexpected plot spun along the backdrop of America’s darkest years! The story is told in a highly creative and heartfelt manner. However heartbreaking the story can be, it is still wonderful and stunning, and surprisingly enjoyable to read. Sofie and Seth’s slow romance, despite being surrounded by such heartache and loss, is lovely to see unfold. Sofie has fierce loyalty for her friends, and Seth is protective of the displaced southerners. The Civil War was cruel, but Sofie and Seth’s marriage of convenience is beautiful. Readers who enjoy moving storylines, valiant heroes, brave heroines, and insurmountable odds, will certainly enjoy this page-turner!

Emerson Matthews