Trust of the Heart


Josh is hiding something.  He’s a Iraq veteran, and he’s struggling in his daily life.  Being in college helps, but there are times where he can’t escape the war.  His girlfriend Leann is needy, why does Josh push her away?  When Leann discovers she will be alone for Christmas, Josh invites her to spend the holidays with his family.  Everyone connects immediately – his brothers and sisters welcome her with open arms, and his parents shine their approval.  But can Josh trust her with his deepest thoughts and fears?  Can Leann trust in Josh’s love and not interpret his depressed moods as rejection?  The holiday respite allows them to really explore their feelings for each other.  Many situations will trigger Josh’s memories of Iraq, they can’t be avoided.  Can Leann spend the rest of her life worrying what will happen next?  

This story is deep - exploring Josh’s war memories and how they affect him, and Leann’s struggle with abandonment issues.  Most of the book’s theme revolves around how these areas affect a relationship, and how they can be overcome.  The story is almost like a therapeutic dissection on how two people should have these problems.  The romance between Josh and Leann grows slowly but predictably.  The descriptions of the family holiday are warm and tender, interspersed with Josh and Leann’s struggles to understand and help each other.  Readers will enjoy this sweet tale of romance and warmth, while appreciating the struggles of those who have returned home from war.

Victoria Z. Burg