The Tender Heart (Carter Saga: Book 1)

Noelle Jane

HISTORICAL:  When Megan Carter is born, her mother Eileen, breathes her last. Her father, Jamison, blames the death on his newborn daughter. He sends Megan to his mother, Adelaide, in New York, thinking she would go to the best schools and come out in society. Adelaide hates Eileen and blames her for Jamison moving out West never to see her again. Adelaide takes her hatred out on Megan and treats her poorly as a house servant. After Megan defends a street urchin, Adelaide commits her to the Blackwell insane asylum. Her uncle and cousin have her released and cousins Titus and Helene set her on her way out West to live with her five brothers. Adelaide is incensed and hires someone to bring her back. Will Megan live happily ever after with her family? Or will she be returned to Adelaide’s evil clutches?

“The Tender Heart” is a touching story of how Megan is able to remain a sweet, loving soul while forced to live through such travesty. The characters come to life in this moving piece, including the quarrelsome and malicious Adelaide. One can see the differences in the brothers through Ms. Meyers’ careful descriptions of each one. Although we can picture the brothers, they are not developed much more past a name and a description. Logan and Caleb rarely even say a word. The backdrop of the story is particularly scenic and the tales of the trips to and from New York are quite revealing. Blooming in this novel is a sweet romance. This is the first novel in a series, and it looks to be a promising ongoing adventure.

Belinda Wilson