Sleigh Bell Serenade: A Sweet Winter Romance (Winter Wishes Book 2)

Shanna Hatfield

Bowen Jensen is a hard-working rancher and entrepreneur. Keeping his ranch going and his business, Sleigh Bell Tours, running takes up most of his time. Between working and raising his teenage sister, he has no time left for a personal life. But when Juniper Haynes, a successful real estate agent from the closest big city comes into his life in a chance meeting, he suddenly finds a desire to make time. Juniper lives in the big city where her life, clients, and friends are. She enjoys visiting her sister’s small town, but she has to be in the city and doesn’t see that changing. Can these two from very different worlds find a way to make their lives work together, or will they even be willing to try?

Bowen and Juniper have an instant chemistry that builds throughout the book. Bowen is a caring yet strong hero. Even though he seems to have life figured out and few flaws, he is still relatable, and his character learns and grows as he begins to listen and be willing to compromise – and put his heart on the line. Juniper is driven and hardworking, but her life is very shallow. She lives life in the big city with friends who are cutting and cruel. Once she gets to know Bowen and his sister, Sassy, she learns what is really valuable in life. The plot is very predictable with no surprises, yet is filled with charm and opposites attract chemistry. This sweet, classic, romantic read goes straight for the heart.


Cara Cieslak