Sky Dance


HISTORICAL:  With the Civil War and Sioux uprising in full swing, Dawson and Rory Finch face more hardship in this sequel to “Sky Tinted Water”. Picking up where the previous book left off, Rory now struggles to care for her newborn daughter as Dawson returns to his unit and more war with the Natives. However, this time the dreams that plague her sleep warn her that her husband is in trouble. When word arrives that Dawson is missing and presumed dead, Rory must decide whether to move on or hold tight to her heart’s assurances that Dawson still lives. Meanwhile far from home, a soldier struggles to regain his memories and still help the mother and son who rescued him.


A clean historical romance, “Sky Dance” seamlessly continues the story from the first book with Dawson taking the center stage. The plot centers on Dawson’s memory loss and Rory deciding between moving on and hoping Dawson is still alive. However, neither the woman who saves Dawson nor the man courting Rory are viable love interests, so the end result is that with the amnesia Rory and Dawson get to fall in love all over again. While there is some worry whether Dawson lives or not, the plot lacks the edge and creativity of the first book when Rory is kidnapped. The romance is sweet however, and it’s fun to see the couple fall in love again. Overall, “Sky Dance” is a lovely story for a Sunday afternoon.


Sarah E. Bradley