Second Chance Ranch


Kelly Armstrong is newly divorced and has moved back to her hometown of Three Rivers in the Texas panhandle with her four-year-old son. She applies for an accountant position at Three Rivers Ranch, and discovers her boss is the younger brother of her best gal pal, Chelsea.  Army Major Squire Ackerman is back home for good, nursing a damaged leg and PTSD issues courtesy of the military, and a bruised ego courtesy of Kelly. He’s hoping their newly acquired accountant can straighten out the mess left by their last one and find a missing significant sum of money. Squire wants to finish veterinarian school, but if Kelly can’t find the money missing from the ranch, another of his fantasies will go up in smoke.


Readers who prefer light reads will enjoy this inspirational romance. Those who pay attention to detail may find multiple issues that could have been avoided with a little effort and research from the author:  characters wearing flannel shirts in Amarillo’s July heat, a 26 year-old Army tank driver obtaining the rank of Major after serving only four years of full duty, chocolate giving children fevers, and a couple (with a child) getting a divorce in one month. Coupled with weak, unbelievable instances of conflict via an old grudge, and a few loose strings or lack of follow-up, readers who seek more polished reads may flinch at this one. However, it possesses a sweet storyline with an adorable little boy, a definite arc, and a satisfying ending.

Lori Leger